Run through of Summer Project Part 1 Brief

I was issued the Summer Project Part 1 on the 5th June 2017 in order to keep me rehearsing my skills as I will go “stale” if I do nothing over the long summer period.

The summer task is to complete 2 double page spreads about any topic of my choice, the double page spreads can be about the same topic or different topics. This allows me to be as creative as possible and I am sure I will enjoy this brief as it gives me a lot of freedom to create something I am passionate about.

I must use mainly my own imagery and wording. I must also take measurements of a magazine of my choice and then present the spreads as mock ups on the magazine. The reason for this is because no A Sizes (A4) will be accepted. These spreads will be portfolio pieces.

There must be full blogging throughout the brief including planning, research, process and 3 evaluations (Visual Communication, Working Practices & Good Design).

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