My magazine & measurements

The magazine I chose for my measurements and mock ups is called ‘Papilles’ which is a french magazine released every other month all about the art of the french cuisine. The reason I chose this magazine was because the front page instantly stood out to me due to the imagery, typographic placement and also the paper they used for the final print. It is a very unique matte finish which I think works very well complimenting the french cuisine as this is a unique and amazing cuisine in itself. The large photograph of a sumptuous food on the front cover also intrigued me, this may have been due to the fact that I was hungry at the time!  The typography is well placed around the steak in the ’empty’ parts of the photo, this is something I will be sure to try and implement into my own finished product as it makes the viewer look where they should be looking – at the food. Below is a photograph I took of the front cover.


After picking the magazine up off from the shelf I then opened up the first page and the texture of the paper in the magazine just felt so professional and different that it gave me so many ideas for my final piece. I will ensure that I research into paper types so I choose the correct paper for my magazine.

On the magazine’s first page the typographic layout follows a general trend that occurs in magazines, but this is executed very well. The reason I say this is because if there were to be a large chunky paragraph of text it would appear very boring and unaesthetic. By adding the large drop cap letter ‘A’ and using the colour scheme of black and yellow the contrast works well and fills up some of the page. This makes it appear to the reader that there is less type to read, as for some it could be a chore! Below is a photograph of the first page in the magazine.


I then went onto measure the dimensions of the magazine in order to make sure that it wasn’t an A size paper. When looking at the magazine I could tell it wasn’t A4/ A5 however I made sure I double checked with the exact measurements. The magazine is 164.5mm (horizontal) x 254mm (vertical). I went online to research the dimensions for both A4 and A5 and they didn’t match therefore my final product will not be an A size. The dimensions for an international A4 size is 210mm x 297mm and the international A5 measurements are 148mm x 210mm. Below is an image of me measuring the magazine but again this photograph show more great food photography and great typographic placement. I will be using this magazine for inspiration.



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