Paper Types

When researching into magazine dps I came across a very unique magazine in France called “Papilles” which used a thicker/ matte paper which I think gave the final product a much more effective finish. It made me as the audience be attracted to it.

There are multiple different paper types and they all have their different uses which I shall run through now as part of my research.

Matte paper is very everyday use, generically is white paper which allows the ink to dry very quickly which reduces the potentially for the final print to be smudged/ ruined.

Gloss paper is used mainly for photographs, the reason for this is because it helps make the print more vibrant and sharp due to the glossy finish. However glossy paper is easy to smudge and make fingerprint marks, therefore you must be careful when handling the printed copy. Gloss paper is generically for photographs, which could be very helpful for me in the magazine dps.

There are also different weight papers, 75grams paper is used in everyday life, used for text printing and is generic cheaper paper. 90 gram paper is much thicker and is better for crisp images – it’s a mid-weight paper and will be very useful in the magazine dps. The 150 gram paper is very thick, used for business cards/ posters, this won’t be necessary in the magazine dps.



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