Today we were challenged with a group activity which involved us making the tallest, most stable and elegant looking tower out of spaghetti, rope, masking tape and a slice of banana. At first when I was first told about the activity I thought it would be fairly straight forward, however there are rules such as the amount of spaghetti you get, limited masking tape etc…

The reason as to why we did this activity in my opinion was to get our minds thinking creatively again and working in a group environment as we have all be doing our individual projects and it is good to work together and collaborate. Group work is a great idea as everyone can branch off ideas and potentially make something “better”. During this project I felt as though this was going to be extremely challenging as straight away I realised how limp the spaghetti was and that the design of our tower wasn’t going to withstand the weight of the banana. By doing this activity I learnt that it is extremely difficult to make a tower out of 20 pieces of spaghetti and to balance a piece of banana on top of the tower, the reason for this is because the spaghetti is extremely flimsy and isn’t strong and stable enough to hold the banana’s weight.

I have undertook a similar tower activity before but involving shoes, the show tower turned out much more successful than this tower activity. The reason being was because of the objects that we could used, the teamwork involved was very similar as both activities we planned our initial thoughts put them all together and then started working on building the towers.

I can relate to this activity being useful to me as a graphics designer as it includes aspects of group work and collaboration. Collaboration is a very useful and key aspect within design and it will help evolve and improve as a designer and working with others gives you more inspiration and creativity to progress.

I feel as though the activity was funny and interesting in the end, however I still don’t understand how it is possible to make a tall, elegant and stable tower with spaghetti, is there a way to properly do this?

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