Final Prints & Product

When printing I was faced with a big issue, when undertaking my test prints everything was going well and my products were looking in good condition with one or two minor errors which I managed to correct. However when it was time to do my final prints I saw that the final product was poorly printed with the ‘blacks’ on the photographs were inverted which made the images look extremely unattractive as shown below.

You can see that the trees and the island look like the blacks in the printer had ran out and I checked all of the ink levels of which they all appeared to be at a working level so this couldn’t have been the issue? I then went on to check my printing settings on the computer incase I had selected to print on the wrong paper type (matte) when I chose lustre, but this also wasn’t the issue. Therefore I was out of my comfort zone dealing with this issue and went to speak to the technician who came and investigated the issue for me and he found out that the black ink cartridge had been blocked up and was being prevented from working.  Due to this I was told to go to another room and use a different printer and this worked out much better, the final products were great quality and no upsets. Below are the images of my final prints.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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