Once I had been given Banksy as my celebrity to rebrand, I originally had little knowledge about the artist. I literally knew that he was a professional graffiti artist however now after undertaking a fair amount of research I have an extremely strong understanding of the celebrity.

I originally thought Banksy was an individual however there are multiple conspiracies that Banksy could be a group of anonymous artists, the reason this could be a potential is so that the artwork could be created worldwide and with more ease. However there is also a conspiracy that Banksy is an individual known as ‘Robert Del Naja’, but this has not been 100% proven. The reason that Banksy is anonymous is because graffiti is an illegal act and so if Banksy’s identity was revealed it could cause difficulties with the law. The artwork by Banksy is also very controversial therefore if someone is against the message of Banksy’s artwork they cannot harm him due to his anonymity.

There are distinctive features of Banksy’s artwork, that it is located on walls, bridges and the streets (in common places where people will see it). The artwork is controversial and always has a meaningful message behind it. Banksy see’s himself/ oneself as a political activist, and his artwork is anti-war, anti-fascism, anti-consumerism, existentialism etc. Sometimes Banksy signs his work with a unique stencil of his name as shown below.


I have also shown an image below of my initial research that I took notes from different articles from online and I have summarised my research up in this blog post.





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