Sketches for Business Cards

When sketching my business cards I was originally going for the generic rectangular card with a split half and half of the logo and then some contact info, however I realised that Banksy is anonymous and therefore wouldn’t have any information to give out.

Therefore I decided to make a similar idea with the logo on the side and then a little bit of text talk about Banksy and “his” work to promote “him”.  I thought this was a little bit plain and boring and so decided to go with something a little more unique and artsy and so changed the style/ measurements of the business card, making 2 out of 4 edges to be rounded.

I initially design the front side of the business card to just be a black circle with the letter ‘B’ in the centre (negative space) very empty and plain. For the back side of the business card would be the large logo, information about Banksy and his unknown contact details. I feel as though this will be a good concept as it is simple, clean and professional. Below are the images of the sketches.


I found it difficult sketching/ designing business cards for Banksy as he isn’t a celebrity whereby he is trying to sell himself or give out his information as he is unknown. Therefore I attempted a different approach by promoting his work instead of him personally.


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