Sketches for Letterhead

When creating my letterhead I initially thought of letters that I received from my primary school, I have no idea why but I felt as though that it is the strongest memory of how an aesthetic letter should appear. So when sketching I wanted a logo in the top left, the address and date in the top right and then a large bulk of text at the bottom with a signature of the person writing at the bottom.  As you can see below the top 2 sketches were my first ideas which were the initial rough ideas, however it didn’t read well to my eye, so I made another 2 sketches of which the very bottom sketch was my final concept as the letterhead is filled in better and works well, along with the whitewashed logo of Banksy’s logo in the background as it makes the letter look as though it is watermarked and professional.


I decided to finally go with the final sketch at the bottom as it is the most aesthetic and the layout of the letter works much better overall.


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