Branding Research

From researching into a successful rebranding strategy, I have conclude 7 main steps to achieve a well rebranded company/ person.

  1. Firstly understanding fully why the company/ person is wanting to be rebranded. What are they trying to achieve? Old? Time for a change? etc.
  2. Research into the company/ person in detail to have a strong understanding of what they do to make the rebranding as personal as possible
  3. Build the brand identity. Think about how the finished products (logo, website etc.) will all look.
  4. Build a strong visual message you want to portray to the audience
  5. Synergy and fluidity
  6. Keep supporting and promoting the brand at all times
  7. Keep an open mind as to what the client/ company would like and be diverse

Rebranding is a big risk to take for many companies and people as it can change the way people perceive their products and what they do. For some companies rebranding is a way of renovating the company as it could be “outdated” which is very beneficial to promote/ brand their business in a modern way. Some well known companies such as Shell, Holiday Inn, GAP are all well known companies that have undergone rebranding over time and have drastically changed their brand identity with different logos and web designs. This is always a big risk as they don’t want people to view them in a different way however their rebranding was performed successfully and has benefited the companies. Some other well known companies such as McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Spotify, Google and Facebook haven’t really been rebranded drastically, there have been small touch ups to the logo’s making them more modern however they have stuck true to their initial logo’s as they want people to have their brand identity (logo) drilled into their heads. This is an alternative strategy of which has always worked very well. Below are some before and after rebranding images of logos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see there are some subtle differences between the logos (colours etc.) for certain businesses however there have been some big changes for other businesses. Both rebranding techniques have worked well.



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