Logo Design Research

When researching into logo design I went straight to YouTube and watched a graphics designer called ‘Will Patterson’ who is known for his lettering and logo design work. He has hundreds of videos about design tips and I watched a few videos about how to make your logo designs better and how to present them to clients. The links are below:

I found this video extremely useful as it has opened my mind as how to talk to clients, how to present my work in a professional way and overall made me understand logo design much better.

This video was extremely beneficial to me as I feel as though I don’t critique my design work harshly enough and I need to have a look at my designs from a different perspective as there is always a potential to improve your designs.

This video was so helpful for me as it has allowed me to understand the basics to logo design which have helped me improve as a designer. Learning the basics is extremely important as otherwise I’ll never have a strong product – it’s like learning how to walk before you learn how to run. Learn the easy things first and advance forwards.



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