Promotional Item

When thinking about the promotional item I initially thought I could make a Banksy graffiti spray can however when rethinking about the idea I realised that promoting graffiti would be seen in a negative way as graffiti is an illegal act, therefore could be seen negatively in society.

I then went to think of other ideas that people associate with graffitist’s and then I thought of making some Banksy merchandise with hoodies. The reason for this is because it is coming up to winter season now as well which would mean an increase in purchases for hoodies. I was soon to find a hoodie template from the internet in order to mockup a few ideas that I had in my head initially with different colours, styles, sizes & logos. This could be a seasonal promotion so in the summer months it could change to a t-shirt or maybe even beanies for the winter as well! Below are 3 hoodie concepts I mocked up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am very pleased with the overall outcome of these products as they look clean, professional and are iconic to Banksy the artist.



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