Evaluation of celebrity rebranding

Visual Communication

I feel as though my final product meets the needs of the brief as I have successfully rebranded Banksy with a new logo, business card, compliment slip, letterhead, several promotional products and also created a style guide for all of this. I have used 100% my own design work and as this has project has been illustration based there is no opportunity for copyright imagery/ design.

I have undertaken secondary research throughout this project in order to have a strong understanding of the celebrity (Banksy) I was researching and have rebranded. The reason I undertook lots of research was so that I had knowledge of how Banksy is portrayed now and how he would potentially want to be portrayed from this. After researching into Banksy I also researched into different logo designs and what makes a good logo by watching a few videos by Will Patterson who is a popular “YouTuber” giving design tips which were fitting for this brief. I found these very useful not just for this brief but also for life as a designer as he talks about how to send your designs to your clients which are regular things that will happen as a designer.

The visual communication within my products is fairly strong I would say as I needed to brand Banksy through the use of imagery, so to make the audience understand that the design is related to Banksy. The main logo I designed is of a stereotypical graffitist wearing a hoodie, gas mask and is anonymous this is because graffiti is a crime. Another reason I made the graffitist appear to be anonymous was because Banksy’s identity is unknown and so this is relatable towards him. I used dark, dull colours to fit with Banksy’s graffiti theme of stencil work which is mainly black with small amounts of colour. The visual communication throughout my products is strong and the synergy between them is also very strong increasing the audiences awareness of Banksy as they will recognise the logo.

I do not believe that my products fail to meet the needs of the brief at all as I have successfully followed each step from the brief and completed every aspect that has been expect of me.

I feel as though the main strengths of my products would be the logo as it is featured in every product, including the promotional products. The reason why it is the main strength of my products is because it is the most important part of the rebranding of Banksy, without the logo there would be no rebranding possible – everything revolves around the logo. The logo was by far the most complexed and time consuming part of this brief however I feel that it was worth the dedication and commitment as the design came out very well in my opinion and that of my peers. The main weakness from this brief would’ve been the style guide as I didn’t have a strong understanding of what was expected within a style guide as when I undertook research there were some many different variations and so I wasn’t too sure what needed to be put in it. However I do not think this hinders my overall final products.

I feel as though my style guide could be improved as I didn’t have a strong understanding of what was expected to go in a style guide. I think that I would’ve benefited from talking to my tutors about what a style guide was instead of just hoping that I would understanding from researching on google. In future I will make sure that if there is something I am not 100% sure about I will double check with my tutor(s).

Reflection of own working practises

When I was first given this brief I saw how short the deadline was and panicked. The reason being was because I had a holiday booked for the weekend before the deadline and felt as though because we had a short deadline, it was made even shorter due to family commitments. Due to this I knuckled down straight away and worked on my designs as soon as I could in order to get as much done as early as possible to help me in the latter stage of the project. My time management throughout this project was very good, I started off well with great progression with my designs, and carried on throughout the project doing little and often which I found was very beneficial to me, particularly as I had an even shorter deadline as I was on holiday for the final weekend.

My understanding of the brief was crystal clear, I read the brief in-depth and had a strong understanding of what was expected of me. I had to rebrand a celebrity (Banksy) of which I chose out of a hat and had to redesign him a logo, business card, compliment slip, letterhead, promotional item and also a style guide for the products.

My research into Banksy was very good and in-depth, the reason for this was because I needed a crystal clear understanding of what Banksy is, what he does, how his branding looks now and how he appears in the public eye. The reason to know how he is seen in the public eye is because I do not want to be designing for someone/ something if it could cause conflict with certain people as it could ruin my reputation as a designer. The reasoning behind understanding what Banksy does is because it reduces the likeliness of me portraying him incorrectly in the branding. I used my research from HND1 about logo design as well as from watching a few YouTube videos about logo design and branding in general to get a stronger understanding about it which I felt helped me a lot.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project as I want to work in logo design/ branding/ advertisement side of graphics design so this for me was perfect. It has confirmed that this is the sub-genre of graphics design that I want to be doing once I have finished this course and go out into the real world. I believe that this has made me a better designer as well because I was able to progress in this different area of design.

Recently I have been working very well in my room at home which is peculiar as I am generally distracted with my computer or TV in my room. However I have redecorated my room and moved furniture around and so as the room has a different layout and colour theme to it my mind thinks it is in a different environment and I have been working and focusing much better. The environment is very important for studying and that has been proven by psychologists and scientists.

‘Good Design’ Evaluation

Throughout this project I have tried to be as sustainable as possible, firstly by reducing the amount of paper wastage when printing. The way in which I tried to reduce paper wastage was to do test prints on poor quality paper and also in black & white to lower the cost of the print as my design was mainly in black and white colours. I also make digital mockups to see what my products would look like in 3D perspective before printing to see if I was happy with them. These two techniques helped me a lot as I didn’t waste any paper as all my prints were perfect! I also printed straight from the Illustrator file which was a tip given from the technician from my last project as there are more colour settings and printing settings to minimalise the chance of printing errors. For me this was much more useful instead of printing from ‘Preview’ on a Mac as there were more controlled settings from Illustrator.

I considered the ethical implications for this project and the main ethical implication was wether the celebrity I am redesigning for could cause conflict with certain people and if I was happy to design for him. I wouldn’t want my name labelled to a piece of design that many people would consider ethically wrong as it would negatively effect my name as a designer. In order to remove this potential I ensured to research in-depth about Banksy and made sure that I am happy to design for him as the rebranding won’t effect people in a negative way. The reason I thought about this was because I am a socially conscious designer and am always thinking about my future and how to progress and not just thinking about the design job (money) at the time.

For me I personally feel as though I have been more socially conscious in this project compared to previous projects as I have always been consciously thinking about ethical implications, how to prevent waste etc. I still believe that these projects are helping me more and more to become a socially conscious designer as each project I am improving.

My personal target in the future would be to always ensure that I am consciously thinking about how the audience could interpret my work, and to remove all potential upsets in my designs if need-be.


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