LightMaker Workshop

On Monday 13th November 2017 we had a workshop with Adam from LightMaker and he was showing us some simple, effective skills which can be used in Photoshop to save time if doing 3D Modelling. This method is extremely useful as it speeds up the rendering time process as this can take hours upon hours.

Adam kindly gave us a photoshop file which had a plain 3D model of a monster he made before he arrived, I had shown the image below.

monster before.png

This monster was modelled in a program known as ‘Z Brush’ which is a very easy and effective way to 3D model with industrial purposes. Adam didn’t render this model at the highest quality as it would’ve taken him hours however as this was for a tutorial purpose it wasn’t a big issue.

From this we just painted over the model and used different blending modes, opacity, fill amount and also different models (gloss, matte etc.) that he has put into the photoshop file. After paying around with the file for about 15 minutes I came up with this (shown below).


I understand the colour scheme is extremely bizzare however I was just playing around with the effects that can be used and went with it. This has really opened my eyes up to see how simple photo manipulation’s can be just with use of the paint brush and eraser tools!



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