Charity Business Card

Originally with the business card I wanted to use synergy between the logo and the business card as it will make the audience to relate the two together making the company more memorable. The business card need to be primarily black and white with hints of green throughout to compliment the logo.

I started off by making sketches for my business cards after I had design my logo, the reason for this was because the logo is my main part of the rebranding process and so you need to ideally wait for the logo to be designed in order to start designing the other parts of the rebranding process. Below are two photographs of some thumbnail sketches I made and also a final image idea that I wanted to go ahead with.

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From this I made up different digital variations again just like with the logo design as I felt this helped me to see which concept worked better visually. I made a few variations whilst in Illustrator, and I found this very useful using the multiple art boards as you can see the designs side by side and can decide which is the best by using peer feedback.

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As you can see I tried playing around with different variations, using different colour schemes, inverting some colours etc. and I came up with some really nice ideas and found it really difficult to choose the best business card. I asked my fellow peers and tutors as to which they preferred the best with thought of the easiest to read, the most commercial etc. This really helped me out a lot.

I used the logo itself to design the front of the business card, I took the shed that I already designed and shrunk it down in size, and also change the colour of it to white giving off the effect of negative space with the green background. For the back of the business card I used the logo and also used images from google as ideas for Facebook/ e-mail thumbnails and recreated them in Illustrator. The final design for the business cards are shown below in high quality

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