Charity Logo Final

Once I had got my initial sketches and digital mockups of the logo I had to choose the best logo, by doing this I asked my peers and I also contacted my client about this however they didn’t want rebranding for their charity so there wasn’t a clear answer as to which they wanted me to go ahead with. My peers were extremely useful giving me some tips to improve the design, for example changing the font as sometimes sans serif fonts can be very commercial therefore I changed it up by using a serif font – here are the two comparisons side by side.

After a lot of consideration and asking for peers and tutors opinions I made my final decision as to go with the logo on the right. The reason for this was because the boldness of the text works well, it is clear, easy to read and all the letters are well spaced, whereas this proved difficult with the serif font.

The design process for this was fairly straight forward, I used Helvetica Bold font and wrote each letter individually and used the rulers and guides in order for the spacing to all be correct and work to the viewers eye. Here is a screenshot I took of all the rulers and guides I used, which is now slightly un-aligned however is because I have scaled up the logo after making the measurements correct.Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 13.37.26.png

The design making the shed was straight forward, I made 4 lines, two of which were vertical and the other two were at the same direction of 45 degrees, I ensured that everything was symmetrical as it reads better to the viewers eye. I originally had the logo in just black and white, however from my research I saw that the company uses a lot of green throughout their website, therefore I decided to implement a little bit of green to the logo. The colour green is also associated with positivity, and as they work with charities, this is seen as a positive act. The colour green I used was #55B578.

I am pleased with the final outcome of the logo and I have added it at the bottom of this blog post in high quality.



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