Charity Letterhead

Designing the letterhead for my charity, I found this the easiest out of the 4 parts of the rebranding, the reason being was because I had already designed the logo had designed a strong link between all pieces of design. The use of the green box with a white strip, the reason I used this was to increase the synergy throughout the products. As I had already came up with the ideas and the logo it was just a case of making the letterhead look professional, and to implement these concepts into the product and making it appear like a letterhead.

I started off from reviewing my letterhead from my previous work by reviewing the celebrity rebranding letterhead. After looking back at my peer feedback and tutor feedback I realised that there were some aspects of the letterhead that shouldn’t be used again as it can cause confusion. I used a faded image of Banksy in the background of the letterhead in order to make the letterhead have a professional look to it, with a ‘watermark’ effect. However my peers questioned this as apparently it didn’t look like a watermark, this could’ve been because it wasn’t the printed copy and the digital version didn’t portray it in the way I wanted it to. Due to this I decided to stay away from this entirely to remove this confusion.

I made some thumbnail sketches for the letterhead and I have shown them in the photograph below. I only made a few sketches for the letterhead as I felt it would be easier to design the layout on the computer as things would look better digitally than hand drawn sketches.


Moving on from here I used Adobe Illustrator to put my sketches together into a digital version and it looked much more promising. I made a few different variations of the letterhead by using multiple art boards however one design really stood out for me as it was simple, readable and effective which is what I feel makes a good letterhead.

I used a green rectangular box and placed thinner white rectangles above that layer giving a stripy look, the reason for this was to increase the synergy throughout the brief. Below is a high quality image of the letterhead.


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