Charity Rebranding Evaluation

Visual Communication

I feel as though my final product meets the needs of the brief as I have successfully rebranded my charity ‘Noah & The Shed’ with a brand new logo, business card, letterhead along with two promotional items. I have used 100% my own design work and as this has project has been illustration based there is no opportunity for copyright imagery/ design.

I have undertaken secondary research throughout this project in order to have a strong understanding of my charity, Noah & The Shed. I needed to research so that I could see what the charity do, what their objectives are as I need to convert what they do into an image, and have meaning/ a message through this. I want to ensure that the charity are portrayed in a positive way and so research is key. I used both primary and secondary research in this project, my primary research was by talking to my clients about the charity, what they do, this really gave me an insight as to what they do and what they wanted from me. They told me where they are located, where they are primarily based etc. The secondary research I undertook was through using the internet to see their current logo designs, social media pages and website, this gave me ideas with colour schemes, layouts and also what style they currently like.

The visual communication within my products is fairly strong I would say as I needed to brand Noah & The Shed through the use of an image (a logo) so to make the audience understand that the design is related to Noah & The Shed I ensured the lettering used was readable and understandable. The main logo I designed is mainly typography based however there is a small illustration of a shed which is implemented into the text as the letter ‘A’ the reason for this was because it reads well and also fits with the meaning of the charity. Noah & The Shed build sheds for events all year round and also manage multiple events. I originally used just black and white for the logo as the tip I used from my research in Banksy’s rebranding was that if a logo works in black and white, then it will work in colour. However it worked so well in black and white I thought it would be best to keep it primarily in that colour but add a small amount of colour. From my research I saw that the company regularly used the colour green on their website. Green is a positive colour and charities are positive therefore I implemented a small amount of green in the logo design which I think works very well, especially after asking for peer feedback. The visual communication throughout my products is strong and the synergy between them is also very strong increasing the audiences awareness of Noah & The Shed as they will recognise the logo with the other products.

I do not believe that my products fail to meet the needs of the brief at all as I have successfully followed each step from the brief and completed every aspect that has been expect of me.

I feel as though the main strengths of my products would be the logo as it is featured in every product, including the promotional products. The reason why it is the main strength of my products is because it is the most important part of the rebranding, without the logo there would be no rebranding possible – everything revolves around the logo. The logo was by far the most complexed and time consuming part of this brief however I feel that it was worth the dedication and commitment as the design came out very well in my opinion and that of my peers. I don’t feel as though there are many weaknesses with this brief as I undertook lots of research, asked for peer feedback and also asked my charity for feedback regularly throughout this project and this has reduced/ minimised any, if not all weaknesses that were present.

Reflection of own working practises

When we were originally given this brief the deadline was extremely short for what was needed to be done, especially because some of us (including myself) wasn’t given a charity for a while which was extremely annoying as I couldn’t get started as soon as everyone else. Adding on to this my charity were extremely busy at the time of me being paired with them so I didn’t really have a full start of this project until I met my client properly on the 17th November which was very frustrating. Thankfully my tutor realised that some of us were struggling getting in contact with out charities and so extended the deadline of this project as otherwise I would never have had the chance to finish this brief within the original deadline. My time keeping throughout the project was very good as I managed to get knuckled down and finish the rebranding fast as I have 2 other projects currently going on at the same time, therefore I needed to finish off the project in timely fashion. Otherwise I would be extremely rushed for the other projects.

My understanding of the brief was crystal clear, I read the brief in-depth and had a strong understanding of what was expected of me. I had to rebrand my charity (Noah & The Shed) of which I was paired up with and I had to redesign them a logo, business card, letterhead and promotional items.

My research into Noah & The Shed was very good and in-depth, the reason for this was because I needed a crystal clear understanding of who Noah & The Shed are, what they does, how their branding looks now and how they appears in the public eye. The reason to know how they are seen in the public eye is because I do not want to be designing for someone/ something if it could cause conflict with certain people as it could ruin my reputation as a designer. The reasoning behind understanding what Noah & The Shed do is because it reduces the likeliness of me portraying them incorrectly in the branding. I used my research from HND1 about logo design as well as from watching a few YouTube videos about logo design and branding in general to get a stronger understanding about it which I felt helped me a lot.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project as I want to work in logo design/ branding/ advertisement side of graphics design so this for me was perfect. It has confirmed that this is the sub-genre of graphics design that I want to be doing once I have finished this course and go out into the real world. I believe that this has made me a better designer as well because I was able to progress in this different area of design.

Recently I have been working very well in my room at home which is peculiar as I am generally distracted with my computer or TV in my room. However I have redecorated my room and moved furniture around and so as the room has a different layout and colour theme to it my mind thinks it is in a different environment and I have been working and focusing much better. The environment is very important for studying and that has been proven by psychologists and scientists.

‘Good Design’ Evaluation

Throughout this project I have been as sustainable as possible, the reason why is because I haven’t needed to print any of my designs as the charity haven’t wanted to use my rebranding. If I am to print out my designs for my portfolio then I will ensure to print on standard paper first in order to find any potential printing errors and then afterwards print onto expensive printing photo paper.

I considered the ethical implications for this project and the main ethical implication was wether the charity I am redesigning for could cause conflict with certain people and if I was happy to design for them. I wouldn’t want my name labelled to a piece of design that many people would consider ethically wrong as it would negatively effect my name as a designer. In order to remove this potential I ensured to research in-depth about Noah & The Shed and made sure that I am happy to design for them as the rebranding won’t effect people in a negative way. The reason I thought about this was because I am a socially conscious designer and am always thinking about my future and how to progress and not just thinking about the design job (money) at the time.

For me I personally feel as though I have been more socially conscious in this project compared to previous projects as I have always been consciously thinking about ethical implications, how to prevent waste etc. I still believe that these projects are helping me more and more to become a socially conscious designer as each project I am improving.

My personal target in the future would be to always ensure that I am consciously thinking about how the audience could interpret my work, and to remove all potential upsets in my designs if need-be.


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