Meeting with the Client

On Friday 17th November 2017 I met with my client, Nathan from Noah & The Shed at Bluewater to discuss what he wanted for his charity and when he wanted the designs finished by. He is extremely busy at this time of year as it is the xmas season and he has tight deadlines (25th November). After talking to my client we have a few things that he would like done as soon as possible, things including gift wrap, posters for advertisement, price listings, banners etc. He is extremely open to diverse ideas and wants me to be as creative and unique as possible as he wants everything to stand out and be memorable – which is great! The deadline for this is the 25th November, however he has said that he understands it is a tight deadline and so doesn’t mind if it is finished a few days later. I am extremely excited to make a start on this project brief as I feel it will enabled me to really show off my design work and to gain a great understanding of how life as a designer is really like!

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