Science & Magic: Options

Illustration or Photography?

I found picking between illustration or photography very difficult as throughout our lessons we were told that illustration was the best option to go for as the photography isn’t as everyone thinks it is. We were actively told that the illustration was the best option however I didn’t let this get to me I chose which option I wanted to do after being given the brief and reading through it.

I had recently undertook a rebranding project of a celebrity and used illustration in this project and thoroughly enjoyed it. This then made me more comfortable to do illustration in this project as I wanted to improve and advance in this sector of graphics design. Although I know my photography skills are much better and I would produce something much better in photography I feel as though in order to be a good graphics designer it is essential to have a variety of skills as that is what workplaces want now. Design agencies do not want someone who is only good at photography, they want someone who has a wide range of skills, and so I thought there was no better opportunity than to explore and advance in illustration as this will enabled me to have a large experience in illustration and to become a better well-rounded graphics designer.

This is the reason for my choosing the illustration option.

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