London Trip

On our trip to London we started off by visiting the National Gallery by Trafalgar Square, this exhibition was huge! There were so many rooms and it felt like a maze, myself and some of my peers were walking around trying to find the rooms we needed to visit however we did find some extremely interesting artwork which we were not supposed to be looking at. Here are some photos of that inspiring artwork.

These photos were extremely inspiring to me because of how much detail was put into the artwork and the sheer scale of the overall painting.

After visiting the National Gallery we then went over to South Kensington to visit Beazley’s exhibition at the Design Museum. This exhibition was all about being sustainable and how we can better our life with technology/ recycling. One aspect of the exhibition I found very interesting was the wheelchair that can move up and down stairs. The reason for this is because it is a life changing piece of equipment for those that have difficulty getting around.

It was made originally by a Swiss company which uses rubber tracks to move smoothly and efficiently up and down stairs. It’s fantastic to see the development of things like this for a way of Transport which is our main topic for Project X.

A second exhibition I found worrying is the self bus driver, this bus has been designed to drive itself without the need of a human. For me personally I find this very worrying as we are putting all our faith in technology and we all know how dangerous driving on roads can be and how alert we must be. I find this impressive that it can be done but at the same time I don’t necessarily trust it.

After the Beazley’s Design exhibition I then went onto the Ferrari exhibition which was next door, this was extremely interesting for me as I have an strong interest in the automotive industry. The exhibition showed how the cars are sketched out, modelled and tested. So much goes into the design of cars and they have developed greatly over a couple of decades.

Above shows the tests and results of how aerodynamic the cars are, they go into a wind tunnel and track how the wind travels around the body of the car. I have seen this done before only for Mercedes Benz and it is very eye opening to see the advanced technology to test this.

As well the technology there were also a lot of awesome expensive cars floating around in there, including a La Ferrari which is a hybrid showing that Ferrari are trying to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable. The hybrid La Ferrari is shown below.

After the Ferrari exhibition we then visited the Wildlife Photographer of the year, and there was one photograph that really stood out for me, it was the abuse to animals.

The reason why this photograph stood out so much to me was because everything had a meaning. The emotion of the animal, it’s body posture speaks thousands. The grey weather is significant as it relates to the mood of the animal that has been harmed. The lighting of this photograph also makes it seem some what unreal, looks like it is in a studio, however after reading about it you really understand everything about the situation and it made me as a human feel angry with what others can do.

Overall I enjoyed this trip to London as I was able to get my mind thinking about ideas for Project X.

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