Transport Planning

Once we had chosen the concept we wanted to go forward with which was underground tunnels for electric cars we had to plan our display. We wanted to have a label which had a small explanation as to what our display is about. A few illustrations of the concept so the audience can visualise things and also a large underground map visual – similar to the London Underground.

We had a good structure with planning for this project, we all had a task each to complete in order to keep the whole group involved. We had a great plan as to what each individual was to do, I think this was due to the fact we all have good work ethic.

For myself I had to design a poster to show the underground transport of our concept so i made up a few thumbnail sketches of my ideas.

From this I then went onto sketch the smaller aspects which I would put into the final design later on. The reason I made these thumbnail sketches was to show my group members my ideas to show what my plan was. We all kept in good communication throughout to give feedback on designs and also for advice.

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