FMP – Questioning myself

When starting this project I asked myself a few questions about my idea/ brief, the reason for this was in order to have a clear understanding of what I wanted to achieve and why I was doing it. This has helped me as I am now very confident in talking about this project and what my set aims and learning objectives are from this.

What do we want the communication to achieve?

We want the communication of my products to encourage people in buying the ski products and also being more than satisfied with the product when they use it. We want our product to stand out from others by being unique through the aesthetics and USP.

Who are we talking to?

Our main target audience would be skiers or those that live in colder climates. There isn’t an age range for my target audience as anyone of any age can ski so I would say the age range is anything from 5 years old plus. Our ski branding products could also attract outdoor walkers (dog walkers etc.) as the clothing will be ideal for the winter months.

What is the USP (Unique Selling Point)?

The USP is that we won’t just sell one item, it will have variety from ski’s to skiwear to accessories, we don’t specialise in one thing. A variety of ski’s (Piste, off-piste, freestyle etc.) Waterproof and warm clothing will be a necessity, 100% guaranteed & reliable. Vibrant and memorable which stand out from other ski brands, this helps with finding your friend on the slopes as everyone looks the same! It also makes people see the clothing and put two and two together to know that it is from our brand. For example you know the clothing is adidas if it has the logo with the stripes.

Evidence to support?

The clothing has been scientifically proven on the IP scale (Ingress protection), this measures how waterproof and windproof the clothing is. Other evidence will be reviews from professional skiers which will test out the products for a ski season.

How do we want to be portrayed?

We want to be portrayed as fun (as that is what skiing is about!), professional and reliable. I will portray this is my designs by selecting the correct typeface and making the correct clean layout.

Main competitors?

The main competitors would be already existing ski brands and other upcoming ski brands. Some are as follows:

  • Black Crows
  • Dynastar
  • Atomic
  • Head
  • Rossignol
  • Mountain Warehouse
  • Salomon
  • Fischer
  • 4FRNT
  • K2

Why do I want to make my own ski brand?

The reason I want to make my own ski brand is because year on year I go skiing I have to buy something that breaks on holiday. This is because the products aren’t as reliable as they should be. Therefore I want to design a brand that will be more reliable and memorable to other brands. Another reason is that skiing is a niche target audience and is an expensive industry, therefore there is an opportunity for a large amount of profit to be made.

Below is an image of where I answered the questions above in bullet point form:



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