Transport Final Digital Design

Here is our final design for the display for the infographic. In my opinion it is much more aesthetic and more appealing for the target audience of students.

Transport Group Brainstorming

When we first were given transport we decided to brainstorm and divergently think of anything to do with Transport. Below is a bubble map of ideas that sprung to our head.

From this we then decided to break it down as to what aspect of Transport we wanted to focus on. Thinking about the sub section that would have the largest positive impact due to the largest audience. From this we decided to focus on Cars and travel. We then came up with a few small concepts (some realistic some unrealistic) however this was great to start getting ideas flowing.

Transport Planning

Once we had chosen the concept we wanted to go forward with which was underground tunnels for electric cars we had to plan our display. We wanted to have a label which had a small explanation as to what our display is about. A few illustrations of the concept so the audience can visualise things and also a large underground map visual – similar to the London Underground.

We had a good structure with planning for this project, we all had a task each to complete in order to keep the whole group involved. We had a great plan as to what each individual was to do, I think this was due to the fact we all have good work ethic.

For myself I had to design a poster to show the underground transport of our concept so i made up a few thumbnail sketches of my ideas.

From this I then went onto sketch the smaller aspects which I would put into the final design later on. The reason I made these thumbnail sketches was to show my group members my ideas to show what my plan was. We all kept in good communication throughout to give feedback on designs and also for advice.

Transport Display name/ logo

With our original display we decided to come up with a name to call our concept. This was very challenging as you can imagine choosing a name. We had a load of ideas such as Kent Tunnels, Kunderground, Electric Highway, E-Way, Tunnel Vision etc.

We decided to go with ‘E-way’ originally as it showed futuristic characteristics and also refers to electric cars only. From this I then went into Adobe Illustrator after sketching some ideas to see what logo I could put together. I wanted to use the two primary colour of green and blue as they are both futuristic, environmental and positive. I wanted to emphasises tunnels within this as well so I decided to use a circular theme.

Here is the logo that I came up with for our original display.

Transport Display Feedback

After we had put our displays up we gathered all of our feedback together and decided to section the feedback into useful feedback and useless feedback. As you can imagine there was multiple feedback sheets that were trolling as there is a broad spectrum of people at the West Kent College. Once we had the useful information we then sub-sectioned the feedback into things that were mentioned frequently, such as the concept, the coherent designs and layout etc.

The majority of our feedback was extremely positive saying that the concept would be very useful to the majority of the people in Kent. Some criticism we did receive was that the designs in the display weren’t coherent, the reason for this was because we all made different designs and put them together. This way is very difficult to bring synergy to the designs as everyone has heir own design style, this was great feedback as we are now able to reflect on this and improve the design for the final piece.

Transport First Display

Here are a few images of our first display which was held in the canteen of West Kent College. The reason we put our display here was because it is the busiest part of the college which enabled us to interact with as many people as possible. This in turn gave us more constructive feedback about our design and also the transport concept.

Transport – Reflection of feedback

After evaluating our feedback and taking a short period of time to reflect on it we were able to think about how we wanted to improve our display. The main piece of feedback we received was to keep the designs coherent we felt as though the best way to do this was to reduce the display down to one miniature design – an infographic! We get as though we could still display the same information if not more through an A2 infographic as there is a lot of room to play around with illustrations and text. Infographics are also more appealing to our target audience which are students as they are typically bright, vibrant and engaging.

There were a few comments about the concept such as is it accessible for the disabled however we get these comments were irrelevant as it is through the use of a car so as long as you can get in an electric car then our concept is accessible to the disabled.

There were a few bits of ‘irrelevant’ feedback about our name as well, they were changing the letter in ‘E-Way’ to a 3 and as we are in a college with student we get this was a necessary change as it is easy to manipulated our name into something completely different of which we do not wish to be known for. Therefore we decided to choose our 2nd favourite name originally which was ‘Tunnel Vision’.