SEK Research

First things first I went onto SEK’s website in order to have a feel for how they are currently portraying themselves and their style. The main colours used throughout the website are blue and white and it uses the same font throughout the website – due to this I feel as though it is necessary to use blue and white and the font ‘Asap’ throughout the exhibition banner in order to create synergy to their website.

“Social Enterprise Kent is a Community Interest Company (CIC), registered with, and regulated by, the CIC Regulator. This means that all of our operational activities are guided by a commitment to maximising our positive social impact for our target market – local people, communities and businesses.”

SEK offers 4 different training programs:-

  • Business Compliance
  • ICT Training
  • Management Development
  • Personal Development

From all of these training courses SEK managed to up-skill more than 6,000+ people in 2017 and want to improve that figure by 2018. 99.6% of candidates said that they would recommend the training programs which is an extremely high figure!

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.22.51.png

As well as researching into SEK’s company I wanted to see some other already made and successful exhibition posters for some inspiration as I still wasn’t too sure what to go for. The first thing I did was google ‘exhibition banners’ and a few of them gave me some ideas and inspiration – shown below.

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From looking at a few different exhibition banners these 3 stood out the most to me due to their layouts and specifically the one that stood out the most was the NHS banner with the segregated images using swooshy lines. The reason for this is because each section is a completely different person with a different meaning and I felt this would be a good way to portray SEK as they offer different training courses which could be shown in different sections. I used this idea heavily to influence my final design for SEKs exhibition banner.


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