Interim Crit 2

Here is a slideshow of my second Interim Crit of the FMP

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In the second interim crit I started off by reviewing last crit and showing how I have taken on the feedback that I was given and have improved my work. I also showed off  my ski mockup designs that I had done and what I had left to do in order to complete this project. My peer were very supportive of this crit as they said they were pleased that I took onboard their feedback and it shows that I have improved my work from last time. Also my peers were impressed by my ski mockups and the way I had portrayed them as originally they were unsure as to how I would present my work, but now they have a clearer understanding.


Interim Crit 1

Here is my first Interim Crit of the FMP.

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The main feedback I got from this interim crit was that people really didn’t like my original logo design ideas and so I need to focus back on that in order to improve the designs for the next crit. My peers didn’t like the colours I used and also felt as though my designs were very common, therefore I should try to think about what I see/ feel/ hear from a different perspective of skiing.

Logo Generation

When starting my logo generation I made a few mock-up sketches in my notebook for ideas and wanted to use mountains as part of the design. The reason for this is because I wanted my logo to correlate with what the brand stands for – skiing. As you can see below I tried to implement the letter ‘A’ into a semi-circle using negative space to see how that looked. I really liked this concept as it was clean and memorable.


I then went into Adobe Illustrator to mockup these sketches to see with a few different variations all of which I thought had a good clean style. The colour scheme was only a placeholder colour for the meantime but I wanted something cold in order to fit with the skiing vibe.

I then had my first interim crit whereby I showed off my research and some progression that I had made including these logo ideas. These logo ideas were the largest topic of discussion in my interim crit as my peers were not too keen on them, the reason for it was because of the colour and the style as apparently the “mountainous theme” is over used in the ski industry. I was guided to think outside the box and what things you see from on top of the mountain, or what you feel – a different perspective. I then went away and made some more sketches thinking of some new fresh ideas

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I then tried playing around with a few different styles, I attempted to illustrate wind however I wasn’t happy with any illustration I sketched and stayed away from this idea. I then extremely liked the thought of a diamond shape as it is original and could work well on a ski with use of shapes.

With a bit of progression and use of Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop I managed to illustrate the logo design below. I was extremely pleased with this design and thought it was really original, however after some consideration I realised that this illustration isn’t really fitting for a logo. The reason for this is because there is too much detail and as a logo can be resized to something of 400×400 pixels it will be unidentifiable and so I decided I need to change the logo to something clean, professional and identifiable at such small resolution. My peers also agreed with my decision.logoshit

I then went back into Adobe Illustrator and placed the letter ‘A’ all alone in the middle of the canvas and thought how can I possibly make this look like a logo. The letter ‘A’ itself looks kind of like a mountain as it is pointy at the top. I then decided to draw a rectangle and fit it to the bottom of the letter A to square it off which gave it a mountainous look as well as using the letter ‘A’ to represent Alpitude. Below is the final image that I decided to use as my logo. With help of peer feedback and also working this logo into ski mockups I realised that this logo fitted much better. I have also included what the logo would look like with and without the type ‘Alpitude’ at the bottom and from peer feedback they prefer it with the typography beneath the logo.

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Sketching Ski Designs

I started sketching out my ski designs on paper in order to get a feel as what I wanted. I used my previous research of ski designs to get an understanding of the layout and common techniques that are used. Shapes are very common throughout ski designs as well as large images split across the two skis this was something I attempted to implement in my own sketches are shown below.

However after looking at these two designs they were quite messy and overcrowded and I felt as though the image would be ruined if split between the two skis. 99% of the time the skis aren’t perfectly next to each other and so the image would be distorted and not have the effect I wanted. The second design I felt was nice however it could’ve been worked slightly better and so I carried on sketching out better ways to use diagonal lines and shapes to make it look better and here it what I came out with.


I used the diagonal lines and symmetry on each ski for an effect, this will also enable the skier to know which ski goes on which foot – this is something I frequently have issues with when I ski. There are some styles of skis that having the skis the wrong way around effects the performance of the skis such as freestyle. I decided to name these ski’s as the ‘FreeStyle’ ski and gave them a French vibe using the colours of the French flag and putting a small flag at the bottom of them.


The image above is a new ski design that i sketched up, again I wanted to follow the idea of clean shapes and angles. I wanted the skis to be very vibrant and bold but with a clean design, therefore I used the logo in the top across the two skis and then a small shape at the bottom linking to the ‘alpitude’ branding strip. I really liked this sketch and so will use it as a final design, the reason I liked this is because it is clean and aesthetic and as a skier I would wear a pair of these skis.


My final ski sketch that I made was this one above. I wanted to implement a word that was said by one of my peers when I asked them what sprung to mind when I mentioned the word skiing and they said ‘Frosty’. This was an eye opener as normally people think “snowy” or “ice” but frost was something very different, therefore I wanted to make a ski design referring to this word. I have sketched some sort of ice/ snowflakes on the ski’s and will have a very pale blue background in order to fit with the frosty theme.


FMP Brand Name

For my Final Major Project I needed to give my project a brand name and an identity. This was by far the hardest challenge of them all as I wanted something that linked to skiing, hasn’t been/ being used as a current company and also to be professional.

I started off by divergently writing down anything that comes to my mind when I think of skiing and here is a photograph of what I had written down. I also asked my peers in the class in order to see what non-skiers think as well, this allows me to be open to new ideas and to work with all different types of audience.


After choosing this name I googled if this was already a current company to which I found it was however this was for cycling which has nothing to do with what my FMP is about. I asked my tutor if it was ok to use this name of which I was told it was fine. The reason I wanted to use this name was because it was a play on words with ‘Altitude’ and ‘Alps’ both two words that are fitted with skiing.

Target Audience

The target audience for my Final Major Product is niche yet very open at the same time. The reason why my target audience is niche is because the products are specifically aimed towards skiers, of which a lot of people do not ski. However Skiers are of all ages, from young children all the way up to pensioners therefore there is a wide age range to appeal to when it comes to ski’s and the clothing.

Although I say my products are only aimed at skiers they can also be aimed towards outdoor explorers/ dog walkers in the winter months as the ski jackets are extremely warm, comfortable and fashionable therefore outdoor people would be my target audience as well. Therefore I must ensure that my clothing designs are suitable for skiers as well as the day to day wearers.