FMP Brand Name

For my Final Major Project I needed to give my project a brand name and an identity. This was by far the hardest challenge of them all as I wanted something that linked to skiing, hasn’t been/ being used as a current company and also to be professional.

I started off by divergently writing down anything that comes to my mind when I think of skiing and here is a photograph of what I had written down. I also asked my peers in the class in order to see what non-skiers think as well, this allows me to be open to new ideas and to work with all different types of audience.


After choosing this name I googled if this was already a current company to which I found it was however this was for cycling which has nothing to do with what my FMP is about. I asked my tutor if it was ok to use this name of which I was told it was fine. The reason I wanted to use this name was because it was a play on words with ‘Altitude’ and ‘Alps’ both two words that are fitted with skiing.

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