Additional points after FMP submission

When working on my FMP project I sent my ski mock-up concepts to my uncle who is an extremely good skier. He lives out there and does ski seasons each year. After he had viewed my ski designs he was extremely impressed and said that he would purchase them based on the designs, as long as the skis had the correct technology on the skis.

This was great to know for me as feedback from an active skier.

FMP Evaluation

Visual Communication

I believe my final product meets the needs of my brief as I have successfully branded a new ski company and have displayed a variety of ski designs in a professional manner that could be seen to sell/ promote the products. All work within this FMP is my own with the help of mockups which I had purchased and have the personal rights to use – they are non-profitable.

I undertook primary and secondary research in this project. Firstly the primary research I have undertaken is the fact that I go skiing at least once a year and so I have a strong understanding of the skiing community and what are positive things and what are negative. I understand that some clothing and skis are unreliable from personal experience and also from other skiers, this was one of the main reasons for me as to why I wanted to make my own ski brand to help others! The other primary research I have undertaken is that I have owned 3 sets of skis, all with different ski designs on them, this has enabled me to pick apart things I liked and disliked and wether I would include them within my own working pieces.

The secondary research I undertook was looking at current ski websites to see how they promote and display their skis and clothes, the reason for this was because I wanted to see what I found aesthetically pleasing and user friendly in order to take inspiration from them. My favourite ski brand is Black Crows the reason for this is due to their simplicity in their designs and their website has such a great finish, feel and is so easily to access/ use. For my secondary research I used purely the internet as I felt as though this was the faster method to find out information about ski brands.

The visual communication throughout my product is clear, strong and professional. The reason for this is because I have used clear imagery in the mockups and have used the same layout throughout the final product therefore there is strong synergy flowing throughout the design piece. This enables the user to have a clear understanding of what is going on. I have used limited typography as I wanted the designs to be largely image based. The reduction of typography will remove any potential mistranslations that could happen, the reason I thought of this is because skiing is such a diverse sport and people from many different nations will potentially be seeing this and therefore I wanted to communicate visually.

My target audience is primarily skiers and this is of the age range between 3 and above therefore I wanted to make the designs as open as possible. They couldn’t be childish and also couldn’t be too mature there needed to be the balance. As well as this the other audience would be walkers or people in colder climates as the jackets are suitable for day to day use as well as just skiing.

I do not believe that my product fail to meet the needs of the brief at all as I have successfully followed each step from the brief and completed every aspect that has been expect of me.

I feel as though the main strength of my final product was the use of large imagery and typographic layout, it was all well structured and flowed well when the audience reads it. It has very vibrant colours and so brings in the readers eye. The mockups are also clean and are not too extravagant, therefore allows the reader to have a clear understanding of the image and so the visual communication is almost impossible to be misunderstood. Another aspect of the final product I really like is that the designs are all kept the same throughout thus increasing the synergy of the products which would reinforce the brand identity into the brains of the audience.

The only weaknesses I found within this project was that I thought I had too much time to do this FMP and so I didn’t feel stressed or worried. Therefore I kind of kept it in the back of my mind for a while which means that my time keeping skills could’ve been better. That being said I managed to get everything designed and printed days before the deadline.

Reflection of own working practises

When I was originally given this brief the deadline was fairly lengthy of which I was extremely happy with, the reason for this is because I had an essay going on at the same time and so I was a little overwhelmed with the work load. As I had the essay going at the same time of the FMP I kind of forgot about the FMP for a short while as I really needed to focus on the essay. The reason for this is because essay writing isn’t my strong point and so I knew that I should spend a bit more time on that instead of starting the FMP as the FMP deadline was much further away. I believe my time keeping was a little poor on the blogging side of this project, this is because I wanted to make sure the essay and FMP design was completed and so I neglected the blogging for a while. This wasn’t ideal as I had a rush at the end of the project deadline for the blogging however this is something I will attempt to improve on in the future.

My understanding of the brief was crystal clear due to the fact that I wrote it. I re-read the brief in-depth and had a strong understanding of what I expected of myself.

My research in this brief was fairly strong as I had a strong understanding of skiing due to primary research. However I feel as though my secondary research could’ve been stronger potentially looking at how ski brands promote their products nowadays (social media influencers etc.) That being said I definitely undertook enough research in order to have a strong understanding of skiing.

I really enjoyed this project as it enabled me to focus on something I am very passionate about and could show my true skills in the design field.

For this project I felt as though I had been working much better in the College, the reason for this is because there are a few too many distractions at home at the moment and also due to part of my house being redecorated it isn’t in the best state. For this reason I regularly attended college before classes and even on days we were not expected to attend college in order to get work completed efficiently. The working environment is very important for studying and that has been proven by psychologists and scientists which is why I needed a clean and quiet place to work.

‘Good Design’ Evaluation

Throughout this project I have been very sustainable, I have reduced the amount of possible prints are possible which is great. The way in which I reduced my prints was by doing test prints in order to get the correct colour settings, find any spelling/ grammatical errors and ink issues. From this I found a huge error that the ink hadn’t settled on the paper correctly and had smudged this was extremely frustrating because I had to find an alternative printer to print from. I decided to use a colour laser jet printer the reason for this is because it removes the potential for ink to run as it is laser ink. This turned out to be much better and quicker with just as good quality print as expected.

For me I personally feel as though I have been more socially conscious in this project compared to previous projects as I have always been consciously thinking about ethical implications, how to prevent waste etc. I still believe that these projects are helping me more and more to become a socially conscious designer as each project I am improving.

My personal target in the future would be to always ensure that I am consciously thinking about how the audience could interpret my work, and to remove all potential upsets in my designs if need-be.

Invictus Games Design Process

I found the Invictus Racing website extremely enjoyable as it was something completely different to any other project we had undertaken. The short deadline was ideal for me as it gave me pressure as to which I worked at a better rate.

I started off with a blank canvas in Photoshop and used a large image that I was given from Lightmaker to use. As the colours from the image were a bit vibrant I wanted to change this in order for it to fit with my website colour theme therefore I used a hue/saturation effect to tone it down. I then went ahead to make the menu at the top of the page in order for the user to interact and move around the website easily and accessibly. You can see this from my screen grabs below.

From here I went on to make the webpage title ‘Invictus Games’ and also a small little slogan that Invictus Racing has on their current website in order to keep their brand identity the same. This below is the front page of the website officially completed.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 18.31.06

I wanted to make my website a parallax website as most users prefer to scroll down a web page as it gives them a sense of ownership/ control. It is also very hard to get lost in the website as it is just up and down. I then straight after designed the ‘Meet the Drivers’ page as this is a key part of Invictus Racing, the drivers are extremely close with their fans and so want to tell the fans a little bit about them. I designed a 360 degree carousel for each driver with a little detail about each individual. This would be fully interactive and engaging for the user.

Straight after the drivers embedded a video into the website which has a basic run down and introduction of Invictus Racing, who they are etc. This is currently on YouTube and their website so I thought it would be something the users would be interested in.

I started off by using a still image with a play button over the top of it, I then added a gallery just underneath the video section to show off some great photos that Invictus Racing has as a team. They wanted to be seen as professional, fun and positive therefore I only included pictures that fit with this.

As the final part of the website I decided to implement the different aspects of the car, this way you can inform the user about the car that they use in the races, its power, its statistics etc. I wanted to do this in a different way to normal and so I made each special part of the car stand out with an image referencing it, when the user hovers over with a mouse it would enlarge/ lighten up slightly and have the information about it. This is shown below in the progressional screenshots.

I then used this exact same layout and created a mobile version as well, the only issue is that mobile is much more narrow therefore I had to change the aspect ratio of the layout however it all worked well as shown below.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 18.48.58.png

Invictus Racing Brief

For this bomb project we were not given a standard brief as usual, the reason for this is because it was fairly open and the brief wasn’t “LIVE”. It was a previous job that Lightmaker bidded for however they were not successful and so they decided to tell us about it. The idea was that Invictus Games were launching an Invictus Racing team and wanted a website to fit with their Racing team. We were to include 4 different aspects to the website (the team, the drivers, history, social media etc.) It didn’t have to be a working website however they wanted the website all designed and presented as a pecha kucha.

The reason for this was to pitch our concepts to Lightmaker and they would choose the best candidate to work with them over the summer for work experience.


Paper/ Printing

The paper I have used for my final paper is Heaven 42 at 135 gsm (thickness) from GF Smith. The reason I opted to use this paper is because it is extremely high quality paper with a clear white finish, therefore giving my final prints the best colours possible with a good shine.

Through this project I undertook some test prints in order to see reduce the amount of wastage in the final prints. I started off by using the Epson Inkjet printer and attempted to print onto the Heaven42 paper, however when this happened the ink never went into the paper and just sat on top. This in turn caused the ink to run and ruined the final print. I have shown some images of this below.

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I went back to the printer and tried to change the printing settings so that it would print on glossy paper however this still didn’t work. The solution to this is still unknown however I have concluded that the reason it wouldn’t print correctly was because the paper isn’t Epson’s own paper and therefore it isn’t compatible.

In order to ensure that my prints would come out in high quality I attempted printing with a colour laser jet which is normally a bad idea as the final prints aren’t as good as the Epson printer. However when test printing this on thicker paper the test prints came out very well and so I opted to print with this printer instead. Although there are a couple of small white marks on the paper this is due to the thickness of the GF Smith paper, therefore I know for the final prints I will need to use a lower thickness, around 135gsm. Below are the final test print outcomes of the colour laser jet printer.

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The final print was extremely successful in regards of errors, the reason for this was due to the previous test prints which enabled me to iron out any of the potential upsets that I could’ve encountered. Below are the final prints and the final product.

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Clothing Mockup Process

With the clothing designs I downloaded a mockup template that had a ski helmet mockup and a ski jacket mockup, this was very beneficial for me as it enabled me to display my designs in a professional manner.

I started off with a plain white ski jacket, no lighting or effects on them as you can see below. I then used my research of ski clothing and used some similar techniques in order make the best ski jackets possible. I wanted to make the ski jackets link with the skis and so the colour scheme of the jackets fit with the skis. I used paint overlay to make the ski jacket a light blue fitting with the third design for my skis.

After I had changed the colour of the ski jacket I then went on to brand the jacket, I added a logo on the arm sleeve, the brand name ‘alpitude’ on the chest pocket and also on the hand cuffs, you can see this below.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.24.40.png

Finally I added a faint snowflake/ snowy effect on the jacket as I used this for the ski’s, this keeps the synergy throughout the pieces and so entices the audience to buy the full set – thus promoting the products and up-selling. Below is a final high quality image of the ski jacket.

Coat 3.png

For the ski helmet mockup I started with a blank white canvas the same as the jacket and used the colour overlay in order to make the ski helmet fit with the jacket. Below I am showing the process for the ‘Freestyle’ Ski design. I instantly changed the colour of the ski goggles as I needed to fit with the red and blue colour theme that was flowing throughout.

From this I then used the paint brush in order to change the colour of the overall helmet and also imported the logo png file along with the brand name in order to brand the products.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.25.45.png

From this I then needed to make the final layout in order to present these designs in a professional manner, therefore I took to Photoshop and used the same background as I did for the ski layouts as shown below.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.26.03

I wanted to use the same colour theme as the ski design in order to create synergy and also make the design aesthetically pleasing. So I used two different shades of blue which worked well as a background colour.

Once I had the blue background I imported the clothing mockup designs I had and changed their orientation and size to make the mockups unique. As you can see I have included the brand name in order to promote the brand as a whole and also to promote and sell the products from this design. Below is the final mockup for the ski jacket & helmet.





Ski Design Mockup Process

With the ski designs I download a mockup template that had a few different angles of skis, this was very beneficial for me as it enabled me to display my designs in a professional manner.

I started off with an empty pair of black ski’s, no lighting or effects on them as you can see below. I then went on and used my sketches as a guideline to create the design I wanted. I added the Alpitude logo into the composition and clipping masked it to the ski’s which makes the logo layer only show when it is on the pair of skis. I changed the positioning of the logo and skewed it at the correct angle in order to fit the perspective of the mockup.

After I had added the logo I needed to change the colour of the bindings therefore I used the paint brush tool and hue/saturation in order to change the colour to what I was looking for. After seeing this I was very pleased with the colour scheme that I had going to I carried it on forward and added in a small strip at the bottom with the words ‘Alpi’ and ‘Tude’ this is to brand the ski’s in a positive way and reinforce the user/ audience that these ski’s are from the brand ‘Alpitude.

Finally I added in a colour diagonal shape at the bottom of the ski’s and gradient on centre of the ski’s for finishing touches and the final outcome is shown below.

ski & bindings.png

From my research of ski websites I felt as though in order to get a real understanding of the ski’s you need to see them from a different angle and perspective in order to make the audience feel that nothing is being hidden from them. Therefore I decided use 2 other mockups in order to portray the ski’s in a different light.

Once again I started with a black canvas and as I understood this shows the bottom side of the ski and the top side of the ski this is to show an all round view of the designs. On the underside of the ski I decided to brand the ski with a vibrant colour and use the brand name in large bold letters as you can see above. For the top side of the ski I used the design that I had originally used for the other mockup so that the audience can identify that they are the same pair of ski’s. Below is the final outcome of that mockup.

front and underside.png

For the final mockup I decided to have the ski’s side by side with a straight on view, the reason for this is because it is clean, easy and understandable. I started with a black canvas as always and then used the design that I had already previously made for the other two sketches and implemented that into this mockup. I think this mockup is extremely the best as it shows the designs in a clear straight forward design.

birds eye view.png

Now I have designed the mockups I needed to find out a way to display these images in a professional way so that the audience are able to see them. I came to the conclusion that the best way would be to make a magazine/ folder to promote the brands products on A4 landscape.

I wanted to use the same colour theme as the ski design in order to create synergy and also make the design aesthetically pleasing. So I used the luminous green and black as the two main background colours as shown below.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.16.30.png

Once I had the green and black background I imported the ski mockup designs I had and changed their orientation and size to make the mockups unique but also to have a stand  out style compared to other ski brochures. I added in a cross-ski effect at the top right of the composition the reason for this was because it shows both ends of the skis really focusing on the designs and vibrant colours that are used in this pair of skis.

After this I then imported the other files and played around with their orientation as well and came to a final page layout of this.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.16.47.png

As you can see I have included the brand name in order to promote the brand as a whole but also to promote and sell the pair of skis from this design. I have different sizings of each ski mockup as I wanted some to stand out more than the other but overall I feel as though this layout is extremely positive.

I have used the exact same method for all of my ski designs. I followed my sketches and played around with colours until I was happy with the overall aesthetic of the skis.

LAYOUT 1.jpg