Charity Logo Mockups

When starting the rebranding of my charity the main focus is the logo. A logo is how a company is pictured, if you think about Nike, you’ll instantly think of the tick, likewise with Apple, the distinctive white glowing apple logo. Therefore a logo is extremely important for the appearance of a company, many different aspects can change what a company is portrayed as. For example, the font, the colours, caps/ non-caps, size, 2D/3D etc. For my company ‘Noah & The Shed’ I feel as though the logo should be simple, clean and effective as it will have a clean message as to what they do. Limited colour as a large tip with logo design is if it works in black and white, it’ll work in any colour. Therefore I will initially work with black and white for the foundations and see if there is any colour needed.

I will show you below an image of some mockup ideas I had for their company logo. The logo sketch towards the bottom was the one I liked the most, however I decided to sketch them all up into a digital version just so I could get a strong visual of the variations with different fonts etc. Please click on the images to enlarge them.

Charity Brainstorming

When brainstorming about the charity I used a mind-map in order to get all my ideas and thoughts down onto paper, I used divergent thinking. I wrote things down as to what the charity wanted, hat their current logo is like? Are there any boundaries? Does the charity need anything? What is the target audience? I have added a photograph below of my brainstorming.




Charity Research

A lot of my research into the charity was secondary research as I used the internet to find out different events they hold throughout the year and what their main goals are. However I also undertook secondary research as I spoke to Claire and she told me the main details about the charity, what goes on, who’s involved and what their goals are. I found this extremely useful as it gave me a large visualisation of the charity overall.

From researching into the charity online I noticed they have 2 different variations of logos which I found peculiar. The two logos are added underneath here, the black and white one was from their FaceBook page, and the other from their website.

From this I will ensure that I ask Nathan as to which is their most up to date logo and which they prefer, as this will help me when trying to rebrand the charities logo. Below is a photograph of my research notes and some logo thumbnails on an A4 piece of paper.






Charity Meeting

I first met a lady called ‘Claire’ who was the partner of the company owner ‘Nathan’ and we had a small meeting just talking about what was expected from me, what she roughly wanted, looking through some of my previous work from my portfolio and also exchanging contact details.

The whole reason we had this small meeting was in order to introduce ourselves and to increase my understanding of the charity, what they did, where they are located etc. I felt as though this was extremely helpful for me as I had a much stronger understanding of the charity and the events they do. This would be helpful for me when rebranding them as I have a strong knowledge of what they do, and also on what they want from me in the near future.

I am meeting with Nathan in Canterbury on Friday 17th November 2017 in order to talk things through, show some of the sketch designs I have made and to potentially make a start of their new project.

Below are some rough notes I made from the first meeting.