Test Prints

Before I went to print my final product I made sure to do test prints on regular A3 paper from the printer in the library. The reason for this is to pick up on any mistakes/ things I dislike about my design before I print it on expensive paper – this is a way to remove as much potential for waste. When I did my test print I reviewed the outcome and felt as though the colours were too dark and the text was very difficult to read because of this. I went back to my computer version and the colour tones were significantly difficult therefore I went to a different printer as the ink levels could’ve been low.I have added some photos below of my original test print, please click on the images to enlarge them.

I then went to the printer in the drop in room and did another test print on a proper EPSON printer and the outcome was much more successful, here are the outcomes – please click on the images to enlarge them.

After this I asked my tutors to proof read my typography to ensure there were no grammatical errors and also type design problems (soft returns to make the paragraphs look more aesthetic etc.) After this I changed a few things and also realised that on my final page (page7/8) the typography was too large therefore I lowered the scale of the typography which I felt made the double page spread more spacious and easier to read.

The test prints were very beneficial to me despite the fact I had to use/ waste a few pieces of A3 paper which isn’t 100% environmentally friendly, however it allowed me to make changes that were definitely needed.

Research into double page spreads

I have previously researched into double page spreads and the layout of them in past briefs however I researched into 3 double page spreads that are new to me for this brief. They are all unique in their own ways using different techniques that I have found beneficial to me when trying to think of ideas for my own final designs.

  1. Ed Sheeran

ed-sheeran dps

The first double page spread I found that was interesting was Ed Sheeran’s promotional magazine saying “I’m Bringing Ginger Back!”. I really like this magazine due to the main image used on both pages. The use of one large image across the page of Ed and the London scenery is effective as it shows the reader the Artist and where the artist is from. The colour scheme used on this double page spread is mainly red, white and black, I feel as though this works well together as the red and white work off each other to grab the attention of the reader. Something that I like in this magazine is that the main bulk of text is slightly off centre of the page allowing the main image to be more open. I feel as though this technique will be beneficial for my environment double page spread as I want to have the photographs to be the main attraction.

2. Lily Allen

lily allen dps

This double page spread of Lily Allen has 1 main technique that I really like and would like to use in my double page spread. This technique is the use of one image which overlaps onto the second page slightly, this gives off the effect that the larger image has more importance and so the reader will look at the larger image first.

I also like the header of this double page spread however I feel as though this wouldn’t fit into my environment pages very well as this has more of a ‘punk/ gothic’ theme. The different sizing of letters goes against the generic rules of typography and kerning however it works well in this instance due to the theme that is running throughout this double page spread.

3. Wiz Khalifa

capture-fist-one1 dps

This magazine double page spread is simple, and very effective. The colour scheme is ‘black and yellow’ fits Wiz Khalif as he has made a song back in 2010 named ‘black & yellow’ – this is very clever. I really like the way in which this magazine is laid out as well, the use of one large image on one side of the magazine and on the other side there is the typography. I will use this technique in my double page spreads for the Crystal & Dungeness as it is a clean design.

The main bulk of typography on the second page is very well presented, probably by using the ‘justification’ tool in InDesign in order to make the text clear cut and easy to read. I will ensure to use the ‘justification’ tool in my work and to un-hyphenate my type as this makes it easy for the reader to read and also makes it more aesthetically pleasing.


Layout sketches

Dungeness Double Page Sketches

For my initial sketch for the Dungeness double page spread I want to have 1 large landscape image of Dungeness on one of the covers with the title and on the other side have smaller images of things that Dungeness is known for such as the wildlife, nature reserve, power station etc. I then wrote about the photographs, why I took the photos and also what Dungeness is like. Here is an image of my sketch.


Crystal Double Page Sketches

For the sketch of the Crystal I wanted to keep the same idea I had with the Dungeness sketch as I wanted to increase the synergy between them. Therefore I decided to keep with the idea of the one main idea on one side and on the other have smaller photos and text explaining the images. I felt like the use of circles for the photographs makes the design look like a mini exhibition about the exhibition, I really liked this idea and decided to follow through with it. Here is my sketch for the Crystal double page spread.


My Environment Sketches

Below are my 2 double page spreads for my chosen environment. I have decided to use my car as an environment and change the surrounding areas. My first double page spread is about the interior of my car, on the first page will be a large image of the view of my car and on the other side will be zoomed in images of certain features, such as the gearbox, pedals, engine etc. Next to the images there will be text talking about the features.


On my second double page spread I will show the exterior features of my car. My idea is to use two different photographs of my car in different environments across the two pages showing a contrast between different environments. The juxtaposition will be great. I have a small concept I have drawn up earlier which is shown below in the sketch.




Research into photographers

I have researched into 2 different car photographers, named Greg Harding & Tim Andrew. They both specialise in automotive photography, however they also do other categories within photography such as portrait, landscapes, dental surgery, science & research etc. I felt that these 2 photographers had different techniques which were beneficial to my chosen environment. Below are some of the Greg Harding’s automotive photographic work.

I really like Greg’s style as it is very natural with its surrounding environment. The photographs are taken in real life places that are common and still manages to make them look so appealing. For example the angle of the photograph with the black Audi it is in a mountainous region with the sun rays just beaming through which makes the lighting of the image so great. I love this style of automotive photography. Please click on the images to enlarge them.

The photos above are a few photographs from Tim Andrew’s automotive portfolio. What I really love about his photos is the lighting and how unique and effective it is. The photograph whereby the light is following the car is so amazing, it shows where the car has travelled from but looks so realistic which for me is extremely impressive. I really like this style, particularly because I like doing photo manipulations, I would like to implement photo manipulations into my design work.


Trip to Dungeness

On Friday 5th May we visited Dungeness which is known as ‘the only desert’ in the UK, the reason for this is because there is almost no civilisation there and the area is so flat and unattractive. The reason why this area is so empty is because hundreds and thousands of years ago Dungeness was under water however now it is used mainly for attracting Bird spotters due to is nature reserve. The nature reserve is very popular as there is a wide variety of birds present in Dungeness due to its diversity. As well as the nature aspect of Dungeness there is also a power station a lighthouse and very little civilisation. I took lots of photographs in Dungeness, below is a collage of a selection of photos I took.



My chosen environment

My chosen environment is my car in a variety of different locations throughout the South East of England. Such as town centres, landscapes, countryside, industrial estates etc. The reason I chose this environment was because I wanted to portray the comparison (juxtaposition) between the slick model design/ colour of the car and different grungy environments. I feel this is a unique idea and will be very effective in a double page spread showing an obvious contrast.