Science & Magic: Sketches

As I was saying in my previous blog post for research about the ‘COEXIST’ tattoo, which heavily influenced my I went ahead to sketch this design out to see what I personally thought of it. I think it is extremely clever and unique however due to it already being previously used I couldn’t use that as my main design due to copyright reasons it would have to be a variation of it. After researching into different religious and scientific symbols I couldn’t find any symbols that could be used as lettering and so decided agains this main idea.


I then saw the Atheist logo which was very neat in my opinion as so I made a few sketches of this seeing if I could get the look/ effect I wanted. I made this design but I asked my peers and said to them what is this, and none of them knew what it was alone, therefore I added the words ‘theist’ after it so it read ‘Atheist’ and after this they had a strong understanding of the illustration. I thought this could be a potential for my magazine, maybe not my large portfolio piece but for my smaller image on the page with the typography.

When coming to think of my main portfolio piece (the large image for this brief) I wanted to represent that there are two pathways, and its a free choice between science and religion. I thought there is no better way to symbolise a choice in pathways than signage. Every time I am at a country park it tells me which pathway leads to what and so I thought it would be a good way to illustrate the choice between religion and science. However just a sign would be a plan boring illustration, therefore I added in scientific and religious elements to the illustration, such as space, the sun, the ISS (International Space Station), the yin and yang symbol. I’ve added some photos below of sketches I made when creating this design idea.

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All of these sketches were thumbnail sizes, however it enabled me to have a strong understanding of what I wanted to go with and so I took this to Adobe Illustrator and put something together! I made one large sketch which had details, comments, colours, and more readable compared to the quick thumbnail sketches.


Science & Magic: Research

Researching into Science and Religion I found very interesting because they are both such different topics and have such different views and opinions. Some articles online are saying that science is trying to prove religion wrong, others are saying that science is just a way to cause conflict between beliefs. However from my conclusion after researching I feel as though those that have practised a faith for long enough it is almost impossible to change their views or opinions on life as they are cemented in their brains that their way is right. As this is what I concluded with, I thought it would be a good idea to illustrate that there are two different pathways you can take in life, religion or science, this is because there is almost no chance for someone to agree with both science and religion.

Firstly as I said earlier I went on to a few different websites where people had spoken about their thoughts on science vs religion, whereby scientists had been interviewed and vice versa with someone practising a religion. I found these extremely eye-opening to see peoples different perceptions of each other, the reason being is because I am fairly neutral between the two and am always looking to see both sides of an argument.

I then went onto look into illustrations of science/ religion and thought the best way of doing this would be through tattoos, I have no idea why I thought of this however I found it extremely useful to brainstorm some ideas as tattoo’s are a way of being unique and a way of expressing your opinions which is what I am trying to subtly do in this brief. Here are some screenshots I took whilst I was researching on google images of some illustrations that I thought were interesting and meaningful.

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I really liked the idea of ‘COEXIST’ with all the different religious/ scientific symbols as the word coexist means “to exist at the same time or in the same place” which is extremely fitting with science and religion as they both exist in the same place (the world) and both can cause upset. From looking at these images I then went onto sketch these out, making some variations and seeing what I could divergently think about. I will show you my sketches and process in another blog post.

In order to write my article in the magazine I used 3 different websites to get together all of my information and sources to ensure all my facts were correct, this is because being a socially conscious designer I didn’t want to be designing something that was false or incorrect. The 3 websites I used were:

These websites heavily influenced the writing of the article in my magazine for the New Scientist.

After researching about religion and science I needed to research into the ‘New Scientist’ magazine and ‘Nautilus Magazine’. The reason for this is because these are the two magazines that we are using as an influence for in our final design and also for measurements. I got my hands on a New Scientist copy of the magazines and was able to measure it using a 30cm ruler. As you can see below the measurements of the New Scientist magazine were 20.5cm x 26.5cm, these are the measurements I will use for my Adobe Illustrator file.

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Not just researching into the magazine for the measurements I also needed to know about the magazines themselves, how often they are released, where they are based, what their generic style is throughout the magazine. The reason for this is because it will influence my editorial design heavily.

Firstly I used google images to find a variety of magazine articles that have been written by New Scientist magazine, the reason for this was to get an idea of the layout. What I realised is that both of these double page spreads have 1 primary image and then a section of text which has been sectioned off in a ‘text box’. In the brief it states that we need to have one primary image on one page as a portfolio piece and so this is definitely the route I will take when designing this double page spread.

The New Scientist magazine is a UK, London based international science magazine which is produced weekly ever since 1956 which was when it was founded. They produce both paper copy magazines and also online versions so people can subscribe to receive the magazines or read the articles online at their website.

The Nautilus Magazine however is based in USA, New York and is an online and print based magazine company however it is mainly online based releasing a chapter each week. But the printed copies are only released once every 2 months which I feel is a good thing in order to cut down on the amount of paper and cost of printing.

Although these are front covers for the Nautilus magazines I feel as though it gives me a strong understanding of what the magazine articles are like. There are very meaningful and a lot of through has gone in behind them. As you can see from the magazine cover on the right there is what looks like a bomber plane and the article is about war, however it uses chess pieces in order to represent bombs. I feel as though this is extremely clever as chess is known as a peaceful game so the contrast between war and peace is very nice. Potentially meaning that this article is about making peace instead of war? This artwork is very intelligent and I love this style.






Science & Magic: Brief

The Science & Magic brief was a very long written brief which included a lot of pathways that could be taken to create the final product. Lots of choices which would lead to different outcomes further down the line for future projects. Firstly I had to choose if I wanted to do the photography option or the illustration option, although I know that my photography is much stronger than my illustration I felt as though due to my previous project of rebranding celebrities I extremely enjoyed illustration I wanted to continue down this pathway. Not just because I enjoyed illustration but because I wanted to better myself as the more experience to an area the more you will improve – practise makes perfect.

The second choice we then had to choose was which topic we would make the magazine on, there were 6 article headings: Of Illusion & Delusion, Magic Girl Power, Spooky action at a distance, Cyclops Uncovered, Alchemy for the fuel age, Ghostbusters. All of these had smaller sub-heading beneath them and after reading them all I felt as though the best 2 options would be Magic Girl Power or Of Illusion & Delusion. After some careful consideration I finally opted for the Of Illusion & Delusion as I feel because I am not personally scientific or religious I will have a more neutral view/ outlook on the perspectives which shows that I am a socially conscious designer.

I have added the brief below.

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