Transport Evaluation

Visual Communication

I believe our final product meets the needs of the brief as we have successfully illustrated an infographic for a way to be more sustainable with transport. We were asked to produce multiple different miniature displays throughout this project which was kept us constantly busy and we needed to make one final display that is less than 1m x 1m. We have used 100% our own design work and as this project has been illustration based therefore there has been no opportunity for copyright in imagery and also in the text as this is from our own research.

I undertook secondary research in this project in order to have a strong understanding of transport, traffic, why it happens, how it happens etc. The reason for this is because I wanted to have a strong knowledge of the subject area in order to positively and confidently display and talk about transport. I used the internet for all of my research however some of my peers used different research methods such as knowledge from friends and also through personal experience.

The visual communication within our product is very clear and strong, the reason for this is because we used something we see in everyday life – transport. Our visual message of the infographic was to promote our concept and talk about the current situations and then show the benefits of our concept. We illustrated this through use of semiotics (cars, roads, health, icons etc.) The target audience is college students as our final display would be displayed in the college common room whereby predominantly students will see this. In order to meet our target audience we decided to use large imagery and figures alongside with vibrant colour in order to attract their eye.

I do not believe that my products fail to meet the needs of the brief at all as I have successfully followed each step from the brief and completed every aspect that has been expect of me.

I feel as though the main strength of our final product was the use of large imagery and typographic layout, it was all well structured and flowed well when the audience read it. It has very vibrant colours and so brings in the readers eye. The illustrations are also fairly basic and are not too extravagant, therefore allows the reader to have a clear understanding of the image and so the visual communication is almost impossible to be misunderstood. Another aspect of the final product I really like is the shape of our infographic which looks like a tunnel and also the road layout with dashed line through the centre. This allows the reader to visualise our transport concept. They are both extremely different, the illustrations are very informal and almost child-like which is perfect for our target audience.

The only weaknesses within this brief I would say is the group work overall. The majority of us in the group were getting on well however there was some conflicting ideas when it came to designing the infographic which was problematic. However all in all we managed to get the design done yet we did have 2 different infographics by the end of it however we as a group collectively decided to use the final product which I have shown on my blog as the other infographic didn’t undertake any group work – was just a solo design. This would’ve meant we have failed to meet the needs of the brief of ‘group work’.

Reflection of own working practises

When we were originally given this brief the deadline was fairly lengthy of which I was extremely happy with, the reason for this is because I had an extremely busy start to the year. As we had a lot of projects on the go at one time we were constantly working and I felt as though this helped me time keep as we had a strong structure of what we were doing, and when I needed to have things done by. Although throughout this brief we had loss of mini projects to work on I feel as though this was very useful to get the team working well together and getting our brains working.

My understanding of the brief was crystal clear, I read the brief in-depth and had a strong understanding of what was expected of me and my group. We had to make a display on our project which we were given ‘transport’ in a 1m x 1m Display.

My research in this brief wasn’t as strong as I felt it could’ve been, however this was probably due to us working as a group and so we wanted to crack on with the design too quickly. I undertook just enough research in order to have an understanding of transport and issues regarding it so that we produce true non-biased opinions. I would’ve preferred to have done a lot more research however I feel that because of the amount of mini projects that were going on, I feel that this has let my research lack a little more in this brief.

I enjoyed this project as I am not as strong in illustration as I am photography therefore it was a different side of graphics design and I enjoyed advancing and improving my skills in this section of graphics design. I would really like to use illustration more in my work and will endeavour to improve over time.

Recently I have been working very well at home which is a little out of the ordinary as I am generally distracted with my computer or TV in my room. However I have refurbished my room and moved furniture around and so as the room has a different layout and colour theme to it my mind thinks it is in a different environment and I have been working and focusing much better. The environment is very important for studying and that has been proven by psychologists and scientists.

‘Good Design’ Evaluation

Throughout this project I have been very sustainable, I have reduced the amount of possible prints are possible which is great. The way in which I reduced my prints was by doing a test print on poor quality paper originally in order to get the correct measurements, find any spelling/ grammatical errors and colour issues. After this I found a small error with measurements I went to the main print and everything printed out perfectly, therefore I minimised all potential upsets and saved myself some money with high quality printing costs.

For me I personally feel as though I have been more socially conscious in this project compared to previous projects as I have always been consciously thinking about ethical implications, how to prevent waste etc. I still believe that these projects are helping me more and more to become a socially conscious designer as each project I am improving.

My personal target in the future would be to always ensure that I am consciously thinking about how the audience could interpret my work, and to remove all potential upsets in my designs if need-be.

Transport Group Brainstorming

When we first were given transport we decided to brainstorm and divergently think of anything to do with Transport. Below is a bubble map of ideas that sprung to our head.

From this we then decided to break it down as to what aspect of Transport we wanted to focus on. Thinking about the sub section that would have the largest positive impact due to the largest audience. From this we decided to focus on Cars and travel. We then came up with a few small concepts (some realistic some unrealistic) however this was great to start getting ideas flowing.

Transport Planning

Once we had chosen the concept we wanted to go forward with which was underground tunnels for electric cars we had to plan our display. We wanted to have a label which had a small explanation as to what our display is about. A few illustrations of the concept so the audience can visualise things and also a large underground map visual – similar to the London Underground.

We had a good structure with planning for this project, we all had a task each to complete in order to keep the whole group involved. We had a great plan as to what each individual was to do, I think this was due to the fact we all have good work ethic.

For myself I had to design a poster to show the underground transport of our concept so i made up a few thumbnail sketches of my ideas.

From this I then went onto sketch the smaller aspects which I would put into the final design later on. The reason I made these thumbnail sketches was to show my group members my ideas to show what my plan was. We all kept in good communication throughout to give feedback on designs and also for advice.

Transport Display name/ logo

With our original display we decided to come up with a name to call our concept. This was very challenging as you can imagine choosing a name. We had a load of ideas such as Kent Tunnels, Kunderground, Electric Highway, E-Way, Tunnel Vision etc.

We decided to go with ‘E-way’ originally as it showed futuristic characteristics and also refers to electric cars only. From this I then went into Adobe Illustrator after sketching some ideas to see what logo I could put together. I wanted to use the two primary colour of green and blue as they are both futuristic, environmental and positive. I wanted to emphasises tunnels within this as well so I decided to use a circular theme.

Here is the logo that I came up with for our original display.

Transport Display Feedback

After we had put our displays up we gathered all of our feedback together and decided to section the feedback into useful feedback and useless feedback. As you can imagine there was multiple feedback sheets that were trolling as there is a broad spectrum of people at the West Kent College. Once we had the useful information we then sub-sectioned the feedback into things that were mentioned frequently, such as the concept, the coherent designs and layout etc.

The majority of our feedback was extremely positive saying that the concept would be very useful to the majority of the people in Kent. Some criticism we did receive was that the designs in the display weren’t coherent, the reason for this was because we all made different designs and put them together. This way is very difficult to bring synergy to the designs as everyone has heir own design style, this was great feedback as we are now able to reflect on this and improve the design for the final piece.

Transport First Display

Here are a few images of our first display which was held in the canteen of West Kent College. The reason we put our display here was because it is the busiest part of the college which enabled us to interact with as many people as possible. This in turn gave us more constructive feedback about our design and also the transport concept.