Research of Ski Websites

I have researched into a variety of different ski brand websites so have a look at their layouts, design and what they all offer. The reason I have done this is in order to have a strong understanding of what other ski brands have to offer, what they do and how they portray themselves in order to inspire me and to spark some ideas.

Rossignol –

  • All items for sale are sectioned off into different squares 3×3 row
  • Only show photographs of the top side ski, how side on or underneath photographs
  • Displays the measurements of ski’s & informs what level of skier should use them and what the ski’s are ideal for (on/ off-piste)
  • Large imagery of mountains and skiers in action throughout the webpage
  • Seems a little basic and outdated (but this is what the company is about – basic skiers)


  • Loads of videos of ski expeditions and travels
  • Proof of professional skiers using their products & reviewing them
  • Creation process of the skis
  • Different ski sub-sections (off-piste, freeride etc.)
  • Shows photos of all angles of skis (top, bottom, side)
  • Close up shots of the ski tips in order to show the design and quality of the skis
  • Videos of riders doing tricks/ using the skis on pistes
  • Slideshow of photographs of the skis
  • I like the layout and colours used on the website

Black Crows –

  • Loads of videos showing explorations & professional riders
  • Main image of ski’s shown with the artwork in the background (vinyl wrap)
  • Has the main image and also you scroll down the page there are the side & bottom shots of the skis that appear on the side of the webpage as a .png
  • Facts about the skis – measurements, flexibility, profile & science behind them
  • Up-selling the matching bindings with the skis
  • Poles have the exact same layout
  • Clothing is laid out in a similar way but also have photographs of the models wearing them in the ideal weather conditions (on mountains/ skiing)
  • Says measurements, size guide etc. for clothing
  • Really like the layout and design of this website, would like to co-operate something similar to this


  • Shows half of the ski with a small paragraph talking about the skis, when your mouse cursor hovers over it the whole image of the ski’s are revealed – nice effect
  • Photographs only show 1 angle of the ski’s (on top)
  • No photographs of skiers using the skis however does show partnered skiers winning medals on the homepage
  • Facts & statistics about the skis
  • Up-selling matching bindings
  • Looks nice but is clean and simple – fitting with their brand

K2 –

  • Photos of the ski’s are shown with top and bottom
  • Vector graphics of ski specs, shape, turning radius etc) – very nice detail
  • Video explaining the ski’s, their materials, speed etc.
  • Shows customers reviews
  • Have a team of skiers that are ambassadors known as the “K2SkiTeam”
  • Very informative page about the skis (shows they have done a lot of scientific research behind skiing)
  • Intelligent page however could have a more aesthetic/ updated web design

Fischer –

  • Has a 360 degree visual concept of ski’s – move the mouse around to see the skis from different angles
  • Transparent vector images of skis with a small paragraph about the skis
  • Beginner to intermediate level
  • Shows the measurements and weight
  • Have the option to make the ski’s “stiffer” for extreme sports
  • Video of the ski’s in action
  • Talks about the technologies that have been included in the ski’s
  • No shot of the sides or bottom of ski’s but has a variety of angles of the top side
  • Really nice updated web design but could be difficult to use on an older computer as could lag with amount of detail and technology (360 VR)

After reviewing different current well regarded ski websites it has given me a strong understanding of the key components that are used throughout the ski industry to promote and sell their products. I particularly liked Black Crows website layout as the colours used and imagery worked extremely well – clean, professional but fun! The website I will make sure to stay away from the most would be Rossignol as it seems a bit outdated and needs revamping, I want my ski brand to appear as modern to appeal to a larger audience in the upcoming future.

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