Visual Thinking Strategies [VTS]


In todays lesson we used VTS (Visual Thinking Strategy) in order to understand what is going on in the image. Our tutor showed us a variety of images and we had to answer 3 different questions:

  1. What is going on?
  2. What do you see that makes you say that?
  3. What more can we find?

We reviewed a variety of images and we found that we all judged the image due to the colours used, mise-en-scène, camera shots, gender, codes of dress, background, location etc.

Evaluation [PW]

  1. Visual Communication

I feel as though I now have a clear understanding of visual communication due to this project, it has enabled me to be able to explore different ways to communicate to the target audience with a strong difficulty – being that the target audience are non-english speakers. I feel as though I could’ve researched into visual communication a bit more as I believe that there is far more to understand than just semiotics, this is because semiotics is a study of signs and symbols and the understanding of how their are represented, which is extremely useful for visual communication, however there are many more subject areas within visual communication that I feel as though I should research more into.

At the beginning of this project my group and I came up with the idea to promote pride in the employees jobs by showing a process/ a journey of the fruit as it should increase the ‘value’ of each piece of fruit as it has been through many different stages before reaching the factory workers. I feel as though showing a process is a strength when dealing with non-english speakers as using arrows allows the target audience to be able to work out themselves the message that is trying to be conveyed by following steps.

As my target audience are non-english speakers I decided to remove as many text as possible in order to prevent confusion to the employees. I thought about including text which has been translated from each language of the employees however I feel as though this would remove the importance of the visual message that I am trying to convey. I wanted to show the different locations that the fruit has traveled from, in my product I chose Peru as it was an example we were given by our client, the fruit takes 6 months to harvest and then a week or longer to ship over. I decided to mask out a map of the world into a piece of fruit as the main attraction to the poster to represent the piece of fruit as the world. I added a few graphics in within this to show an airplane travelling between the two countries, Peru & UK with a distance showing how far it is – again increasing the fruits value.

After reviewing my final product I believe that my design could be misinterpreted/ read by the audience as I feel as though my illustrations are not as clear as they should be, the reason for this is because it was my first time using a graphics tablet and also my artistic skills are not the strongest and I feel as though this is an area I need to improve on. In order to improve on illustrations and sketches I will ensure to find my own artistic style and to stick with that and keep practicing to draw different characters/ symbols.

2.   Reflection of own working practices:

My time keeping of this brief was extremely well perfected, the main reason for this was because I started sketching ideas as early as possible and this certainly enabled me to brainstorm as many ideas as possible and to make a fast start on the creation process.

I fully understood the brief, the main reason for this is because we worked in groups at the beginning of this project which allowed me to see different ways the brief could be interpreted. After discussing with my group members about this brief I feel as though I fully understood and met the briefs requirements.

My research for this project wasn’t as good as I felt it should’ve been, the main reason for this is because I found it extremely difficult to relate this scenario of preventing fruit waste to any situation I have encountered/ seen before. I researched into the client’s company in order to find out information of the company, what it does, how it operates and some of my group members undertook primary research as they were able to visit the fruit factory to see what it looks like. Aside to this I feel as though I should’ve done more research and in the future I will ensure that I research more heavily into other fruit campaigns.

I really enjoyed this project, the main reason being was because it was nice to work with a ‘real’ client and we were able to meet our client, engage in conversation with him and I found this much more interactive than a regular brief. However what I didn’t like about the project so much was the fact that it was so open to many different interpretations and that it was extremely difficult for me to visually communicate through images only, as the target audience were non-english speakers. I also found the pecha-kucha presentation of my design to the client very nerve-racking, however I feel as though this is because I have never performed a pecha-kucha before and so after more and more practice of presenting I will become more and more confident.